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7 HOT Facts Why Beeswax Candles Are Better

Why are bees wax candles so INCREDIBLE? Do you know why?

There are so many reasons why bees wax candles blow the competition out of the water – non-toxic, negative ions, natural wicks, and improve your mood. Need I say more… oh but I do! Go beeswax candles Australia!!

1. What’s special about beeswax candles

Bees produce beeswax from the wax glands in their abdomen and release scales of hardened wax, then chew the wax, building it into the comb that stores honey in the hive. Therefore it has remnants of resin and pollen in it in the same way that raw honey does. It takes bees seven times as many input resources to make beeswax as it does honey which is why it is more valuable than anything else in the hive!

Beeswax candles are a 100% natural, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly option and a renewal resource. See more benefits below. Natural options of candles are being used more and more in the home, churches or indoor settings as the toxin releases from other candles in becomes more common knowledge.

It’s important to know your stuff on beeswax candles so you can find a trustworthy supplier. As you will learn in this article, finding a supplier that has knowledge on the benefits of pure beeswax, how the manufacturing process affects purity and the purity of wick will (as usual) affect the end product. It is important to know the product is 100% pure beeswax as often candles are mixed with paraffin or coconut oil to make it cheaper to product or slow the melt further. Let’s dive deeper.

2. Benefits of burning beeswax

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Beeswax contains non-allergenic properties that help protect your skin from common airborne environmental allergies like dust particles, pollen, and pet dander
  • Burning beeswax emits negative ions clean the air of odors and bacteria, and improve air quality
  • Natural and non-toxic
  • Minimal soot is released so have a very clean burn with less drips if they are made without additives and have a pure wick
  • Naturally scented providing a happy relaxing feeling and improves mood
  • Beeswax has the highest melting point of any wax meaning they burn for longer
  • They emit a much more ambient light similar to the light spectrum of sunlight
  • Beeswax is a renewable resource
  • Buying handmade beeswax candles supports small local beekeeping businesses as quality beeswax candles are not generally mass produced

Buy pure beeswax candles from a trusted local beekeeper near you by contacting a local bee club. Buy Beeswax Candles Australia.

3. Do beeswax candles purify the air?

Negative ions are everywhere in nature, especially in areas like waterfalls, ocean surf, after a storm, and around mountains and forests. Beeswax is believed to release approximately 28 000 per cm3 of air more negative ions when burnt than its other wax counterparts. This blew my mind when I researched it.  Negative ions can have the effect of attracting and neutralizing pollutants in the air. Studies have suggested that burning beeswax candles improve mood, asthma and environmental allergy symptoms. We have a number of customers battling cancer that use our pure beeswax candles in their house every day for these reasons.

For more information about the positive impacts of negative ions in nature and indoor settings flick through this research paper. Fascinating stuff.

4. Why does wick quality matter?

A candle wick draws the melted wax up through the wick as a vapour which controls how much beeswax is burned. The wick draws all impurities or honey left in wax to the wick and will ultimate choke your flame if both the wick and wax are not clean.

Cheap wicks can use a thin aluminium core for wick strength which adds toxins to the overall burn affect and toxin release.

If coarse natural fibre wicking is used it can give off a pungent scent when burnt. 100% cotton, wood or hemp wicks that have a wax coating are best. Experts deem the benefits of a braided cotton wick for beeswax candles allows better flow of vapour, carbon cap forming and wick bending for a cleaner burn. Know and trust the manufacturing process of your pure beeswax candle and ask questions!

5. Why invest in bees wax candles over a cheaper types?

If you choose pure bees wax candles you are limiting your exposure to toxic compounds from burning synthetic or artificially scented candles. The scent of burning a beeswax candle is beautiful and calming. Nothing should be added. Hand-made in small batches to protect a full-bodied aroma. One downside to beeswax candles is they are more expensive as the beekeeper can only harvest a small amount from each hive and it takes the bees seven times longer to produce than honey. Our large 125g beehive candle burns for over 20 hours. They won’t disappoint.

beeswax candles

6. Why is the source of the beeswax important

Across the world, beekeepers use different practices in their hive to manage pests and diseases like brood diseases, small hive beetle, varroa mites, and wax moth when storing sticky frames. There are so many things trying to kill the hive and it’s the beekeepers job to support the hive as best they can.

Why is this relevant to beeswax quality? Glad you asked. Many operators use chemicals in the hive to treat and manage these pest and disease which is essential to keeping the hive alive. As you can imagine residue from chemicals can embed into the wax affecting the purity of the 100% pure beeswax end product. There are still many operators that use chemical-free methods that are more time consuming but easier to manage when you don’t have 1000’s of hives.

So knowing your source and the beekeeping methods are crucial to guaranteeing a true pure source.

7. How to use and store candles

Before you light your candle trim the wick to 6mm in height. For best burn results, the wick should never be allowed to get longer than that the entire time it’s burning.

You don’t want to let your candle flame spike to a point. The top of the flame should remain rounded. If it does spike, your wick may have gotten too long.

Roll the inner edges of the candle top inwards towards the melt pool. This will shorten the wick burn length. Clean your candle holders by warming them on a tray in the oven and wiping with a paper towel. Burn on a level surface. Give them space. They need air.

Ideally wrap your candle firmly in paper and store your candles away from light as they will lighten and reduce their aroma over time. It will also stop wax moth from chewing on your wax. If when you pull it out there is bloom (a dull film) just rub it with a dry soft rag.

bees wax candle it.

As you can see, candles are not just candles and it is worth keeping these 7 hot facts in mind when choosing and managing your beeswax candles. Again, buy beeswax candles Australia and support your locals. If you found this article interesting why not try a beeswax candle and decide for yourself!