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Hive Rescue Service

Swarms are not something that all people look forward to….but beekeepers do. Bees are important and they sometimes set up shop in areas that aren’t desirable to members of the public.

All things beeeeeesssss...

Send us a message to respond quickly to swarms, cavity wall hives and native bee rescues.

Please ensure you have:

  • a picture of the swarm or feral hive
  • do not approach the hive unless with an experienced beekeeper
  • notified people in the vicinity and secured pets
  • do not spray the hive with pest spray to calm the hive down as they may attack


Cavity Wall Hives

Native Bee Rescues

Rehoming bees

After the bees are removed they are taken to an apiary for monitoring for 4 weeks before being moved to a paddock with the other bee hives. Happy bees.

“Minimal fuss and very professional. Liby kept me in the loop and even left some honeycomb for us.”

 Happy caller

“Fascinating to see bees inside the wall. Truly magical. So happy to have them rehoused”

 Happy caller