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beekeeping supplies

The Buzz About Beehives: What to Consider Before Gifting One

want to gift beekeeping supplies? Stop Upcoming birthday? STOP. Read this first. We meet so many new beekeepers that have been gifted some sort of beekeeping supplies, usually a Flowhive flatpack starter kit and are now wondering what the next …

beeswax candles australia

7 HOT Facts Why Beeswax Candles Are Better

Why are bees wax candles so INCREDIBLE? Do you know why? There are so many reasons why bees wax candles blow the competition out of the water – non-toxic, negative ions, natural wicks, and improve your mood. Need I say …

pure raw honey

7 AMAZING Facts on Using Raw Fresh Honey

Do you REALLY know the difference between raw fresh honey and supermarket honey? The question I spend the most time clarifying at the markets from honey eaters. Yes, honey is awesome for you but how important is the process before …


3rd year with bees 2019

Growth for Craigs hives and Liby’s products This year was a building and replacing old gear year for Liby and expanding the hive numbers for Craig. The honey shed moved from the Zillmere carport to Craig’s double garage at Northlakes. …

Yandina hives

Spring is here again! 2nd year in…2018

Spring is here again! 2nd year in…2018 Start of 2018 spring and I thought I would have enough equipment ready from all the building I was doing through winter, however after a few swarms from my hives and learning to …

Flowhive spring

Spring to Winter Season 2017

Spring to Winter Season 2017 Spring Fever This spring sees the end of my first year as a beekeeper and the start of the second spring for the bees. My 9 operating bee hives are coming out of winter as …

starting with bees

2016 Hello world! Starting with bees!

2016 The beginning – starting with bees It’s been a long road starting with bees but I’m up and running now. I spent the whole winter and spring of 2016 attending club field days, dropping frames on the ground and …