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Discover our PURE RAW HONEY

Welcome to Libees Honey! We produce some of Australia’s most pure and delicious honey. Our honey is created with love by the happiest and healthiest bees across South East Queensland. Fancy a taste of our award-winning honey and honeycomb? Order online for home delivery or pick-up in Gympie, Brisbane or our local suppliers. But we are more than just Beekeepers! We are passionate about biodiversity and on a mission to ensure the honey you love today is sustainable well into the future.


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About Libees Honey

Liby started beekeeping by joining the Northside Beekeepers Association at Lawnton to learn all she could for her hobby before putting bees in a FlowHive in her suburban backyard in 2016. The ancient art of mentoring was the gold in the raw honey and she rapidly made many friends who never tired of talking, discussing and sharing ideas about bees.

It didn’t take long, with her passion about bees and their impact on the environment that started her thinking about getting away from 9 – 5 and doing something to connect with nature full time.


“I’ve been a carpenter for over 30 years. My hands have never felt so rejuvenated and cared for…my hands had become rough, dry and calloused and after only a couple of applications I felt I got my hands back. Now I regularly use Libees Carpentry Balm and I maintain soft, nourished hands. Wonderful! A true gift to anyone who buys it.”

Mark – Carpenter Hand Balm

“I discovered Libee’s products when I was looking for deodorant in a non plastic container. The deodorant comes in a metal screw top container and is very effective. I love that Libee uses natural products and her own beeswax from her own beehives. I have since bought many of her products including Baby Balm, Hand Balm and, of course, honey which is delicious! All these products are in plastic free containers. Wonderful for our environment!”