Carpenter Hand Balm


Our best seller this hand balm was inspired by my husband who gave up carpentry to become a beekeeper. I infused the olive oil base with comfrey (superhero of cracks and bruises) leaves for 6 weeks which is great for cracks and healing rough well used hands. A range of essential oils for healing makes is smell wonderful and soak deep into the skin.

My friend who crochets loves this balm as it soaks in after a few minutes and isn’t oily on the skin.

Also available in 200g jars for those that 40g is just not enough.

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Manly hands as soft as a babys bum

Our skin care and balm range uses pure Australian beeswax from our hives and utilise the natural antibacterial and hydration properties of beeswax on your skin. Pure beeswax is commonly used in skincare to improve the condition and texture of the skin, help lock in skin moisture, foster the skin cells and protect the skin from environmental damage. This carefully blended with the best quality nourishing butters, base oils, and essential oils ensure that using our products is all natural and a true unguilty pleasure. This balm takes hand care to new levels.

Beeswax is one of nature’s most amazing products! The beeswax comes directly from uncapping our honey frames from our hives. It often varies in colour but is majority yellow. It can be used in a very extensive list of projects.

All our beeswax has been lovingly hand-melted with steam and double-filtered but may still contain pollen and honey remnants. Beeswax is often yellow due to the variety of nectar, pollen, and resins gathered by the bees to make the wax and also by thousands of little bee feet walking on the frames every day. When fresh beeswax is first built in the hive it can also be white.

Our happy hives are located on suburban and rural properties from Brisbane to Gympie. We use no chemicals in the management of our bees or the processing of our raw honey or pure beeswax. We are organically minded in every step of our beekeeping journey.

When you buy any of our products you are supporting a local family of beekeepers that support an important industry and other family-run businesses. Dream big for local impact! Thank you.

The magic of comfrey

How does comfrey benefit the skin? It helps moisturise and sooth dry irritated skin, promotes rapid skin – cell growth, contributes to skin renewal, reduces inflammation and helps with scaring. It is considered an essential anti-aging ingredient because it contains both allantoin and rosmarinic acid. Comfrey has been used medicinally for thousands of years to reduce pain and promote healing. It is fast acting.

How do I use it?

Take a tiny bit of Carpenters Hand Balm and rub it in thoroughly to any dry or cracked skin. A few minutes later it will have soaked in. My friend who crochets loves this balm as it soaks in after a few minutes and isn’t oily on the skin.

Should not be used for pregnant women as it contains essential oils. Can be stored for 1-2 years without losing comfrey potency. Do not consume.

Packaging: Aluminum tin with inner liner
Region: South East Queensland
Processing: Double-filtered wax and mixed on a double boiler.
Size: 40g

Prices displayed are online prices. Our retail supplier prices may differ. Also available in an ultimate hand care value for money 200g jar – see here.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2.5 cm