Queen Bee Postage Pack | Holds 32 queens


Why not add our Queen Bee Postage Pack to your order.

Your one-way ticket to ruling the hive with regal charm and a touch of buzzing humor! This royal package can hold up to 32 majestic queen bee cages, each ready to reign over their own buzzing kingdom. Made of corflute with built in ventilation holes this package stands out to Australia Post staff to ensure seemless delivery.

Our Queen Bee Postage Pack guarantees the delivery of top-tier royalty to your apiary. These queens aren’t just your average monarchs; they’re adorned with stripes of gold and wings that shimmer like the finest silk, making them the envy of every drone in the colony, he he he.

But don’t let their majestic appearance fool you – these queens come equipped with a healthy dose of wit and humor, ensuring that your beekeeping endeavors are filled with laughter as well as productivity. With their charming personalities and a knack for royal etiquette, they’ll have your worker bees buzzing with excitement and admiration.

Each queen bee in the pack is hand-selected for her exceptional qualities. Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper or a novice apiarist, these queens will elevate your beekeeping experience to new heights, ruling over their subjects with grace and a mischievous twinkle in their eyes.

And let’s not forget the practical side of things – our Queen Bee Postage Pack is designed for convenience and ease of use. Simply unpack your royal cargo, introduce each queen to her new domain, and watch as she takes charge with confidence and flair. After all, when it comes to beekeeping, it’s always better to bee-lieve in the power of a queen!


Safe, secure, healthy transportation

For larger queen bee orders, this queen bee corflute mailing cage packaging is the perfect accompaniment to your queen bee order.  Each queen bee postage pack is used to transport up to 32 queens and ensure the best success for your lovely ladies. For larger orders these stack on top of each other. It is perfect for posting queen bees all over Australia. Feedback from Australia Post staff has been great. Provides sturdy transportation and very visible.

Clearly labeled for quick, easy delivery for the Australia Post delivery staff. It also supports staff to be aware of the thermal conditions of the package with the box signage. Queen bee shipment during extreme weather patterns is best avoided if possible. The additional ventilation in this packaging assists with thermal conditions inside during the shipping process – an interesting study on thermal conditions for queen bees can be read here.

Testing by the AQBBA shows that minimum and maximum temperature tracking over a number of Australia Post queen bee deliveries are within safe temperatures for the queen and her escorts. This corflute queen bee postage pack has great ventilation and signage to support the team along their journey.

Australia Post currently advises that express post to a major city is 1-2 business days and areas outside a major city is 3-4 business days and we post on Monday to give your queen bees the best chance to be delivered in business days.

Libees Honey has no control over the speed of the Australia Post Express Postage. This postage system is still the fastest option to post queen bees. Almost 100% of customers receive their queen bees within a couple of working days. As we have no control over the speed of delivery, we cannot be held liable for delays, slow postage and other factors outside our control that result in the deaths of the bees. We wish we had a teleporter… working on it.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 cm

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